Sustanon 250: The Most Effective Pre-Season Cutting Cycle

The main reason why anabolic users love Sustanon 250 steroid as a base testosterone is that Sust 250 is an incredibly versatile testosterone ideal for use in any cutting or bulking cycle. Sustanon steroid can be used solo, in stacks, solo with a supporting or ancillary drug and so on. And as long as you follow a Sustanon cycle with proper post cycle therapy (PCT), the steroid is safe enough for use and won’t lead to any bothersome side effects.

In the present article, we will discuss a particularly effective Pre-Season Cutting Cycle that uses Sustanon 250 steroids as base and helps you achieve great results.

For steroid users, the chief goal during pre-season cutting phases is to maintain a lean physique with a defined and vascular look. They need to see to the fact that they do not gain weight in the offseason and that their body fat percentage remains stable or at any rate, doesn’t go up too much. At the same time, one ideally wishes to retain the greater portion of muscle mass that they had worked so hard to gain during the bulking season.

However, all of this is easier said than done. This is since in the cutting season, one needs to be on a strict diet that drastically cuts down on the calorie intake. In addition, one also needs to increase the intensity in their workout regimes. All of this makes it difficult to preserve the muscle mass gained during the bulk-up cycles.

However, the Sust 250 cycle we discuss here is sure to make things much easier for you. The cycle stacks Anavar with Sustanon as the base testosterone and its total length of 12 weeks is divided into two unequal halves . The routine goes as follows:

• Weeks 1-4: Sust 250- 500mg per week + Letrozole/Anastrozole- 0.5mg every other day
• Weeks 5-12: Sust 250- 500mg per week + Anavar- 50mg per day + Letrozole/Anastrozole- 0.5mg every other day

This is a very effective and yet simple cycle and is favored by many elite athletes for use during pre-season cutting…

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