Frequently Asked Questions About Anavar

What is Anavar steroid?

Anavar, or C19H30O3, or also oxandrolone, is a synthetic version of testosterone. That is why it increases your strength and boosts your lean muscle. It can even cut body fat, if you combine it with proper exercise and dieting. Side effects are few, mild, and infrequent, which makes it a beginner’s favorite.

How do Anavar steroids work?

Anavar is very anabolic and only slightly androgenic. In other words, it helps you build some muscle mass without putting on too much weight and get good strength. Weightlifters who want to become stronger without moving up one weight class see Anavar as an interesting alternative.

It also avoids the masculine side effects, which makes it a good choice for women. Some anabolics will even cause permanent damage in women such as deeper voice, body hair growth, and even baldness. Anavar provides safer performance enhancement for women because it isn’t such a strong testosterone derivative.

Anavar Side Effects

Any supplement or drugs present side effects, and Anavar is no different. Proper dieting mitigates some of them such as bloating and oily skin. Other side effects and mitigation methods are:

Liver damage. Anavar for sale is filtered in the liver, so minimizing dosage and time is the simplest way to be safe. 6-8 weeks is an optimal time to prevent liver issues.

Virilization. Women on Anavar should take smaller dosager than men, simple as that. They should also make shorter cycles, no more than 6 weeks at a time.

Cholesterol and higher blood pressure. If you already have a healthy lifestyle, eat clean, and exercise often, you decrease the chances of developing one of these two problems.

Can I buy Anavar legally?

It depends.

If you live in the US, you can buy Anavar online of in a normal brick and mortar business by having a prescription from your personal physician. It is a Schedule III controlled substance, so possession is illegal without a prescription.

In other European and Asian countries, you can buy Anavar tablets or Anavar pills over the counter. It is not a controlled substance…¬†buy Oxandrolone.

Who should buy Anavar?

Anavar works best for athletes interested in enhancing performance, especially without major side effects and without needing injections. It is well tolerated by both men and women. Make sure to keep a balanced exercise plan and a good diet and you will reap the benefits while avoiding the side effects.