Deca Durabolin Facts: Why You Should Never Use Deca Alone

Deca Durabolin has been around for more than half a century now and one amazing fact about this steroid is that since its introduction in the mid 1960s till now, it has always been highly popular in the performance enhancement scenario and its popularity has never waned even after so many years during which a lot of other steroids have come to the fore.

Now, one big reason for this long popularity that Deca steroids have enjoyed is the fact that the steroid causes very few side effects. It helps in slow but steady gain in lean muscle tissue but happily for the users, the steroid is able to keep water retention out of the equation. This is why athletes include Deca steroid in their cutting phase cycles when they feel the need to add more steroids in the cycle. They use Deca since if they were simply to increase the dose of the base steroid of the stack that would have resulted in courting serious risks of side effects. So, Deca Durabolin offers them the option to add more bulk during the cycle without exacerbating the side effects part of it…

However, and we would discuss particularly this issue in the present article, the fact that Deca comes with lower androgenic properties, and therefore fewer side effects, should not be interpreted as it is safer to use Deca tablets or Deca pills as the standalone steroid in a cycle. Seasoned users will already know this but for the benefit of the new and less experienced users, we may state here that using deca or any Nandrolone compound alone in a cycle will give rise to some very unpleasant side effects, not the least of which is what is commonly known in the anabolic circles as the infamous Deca Dick, a condition where the user loses the ability to sustain or even get an erection.

This happens due to the fact that Nandrolone does not only inhibit but pretty much completely shuts down the natural testosterone production in our system. So, when we are not using any strong testosterone, our body gets robbed of strong metabolites such as DHT while at the same time there is an abundance of weaker and softer metabolites that Deca for sale produces and which, in absence of stronger androgens, will flood our progesterone receptors thereby crushing our libido. It will also give rise to other side effects such as bloating and formation of breast tissues in men, etc.

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