Best Steroid Cycles And Cutting Stacks – Two Popular And Useful Regimes

Best steroid cycle and best steroid stack

It is not possible to talk about the best steroid cycles and best steroid stacks within the short space of this article. However, we will briefly discuss some common patterns and routines which cover both the topic of steroids cycles as well as that of steroid stacks and which are very commonly used both by advanced as well as light users …the best cutting cycle online.

Advanced Hardening Cycle

This cycle is meant for use during the bulk-up phase and although it mentions ‘advanced’, the cycle is okay to be used by all kinds of users—advanced or recreational (though not the newcomers who should never go for stacked cycles). The cycle aims at massive and quick gain in muscle mass and as such stacks two powerful steroids and uses them in equal and constant dosages throughout the 12 weeks of the cycle. One can use different combinations of steroids but the base steroid must always be a testosterone. Two of the most common combinations for this cycle include Sustanon 250+ Trenbolone and Cypionate +Dianabol. At the end of the cycle comes a three-week break and then starts the three-week PCT or post cycle recovery …the best bulking cycle online.

Mass Cycle

This best cutting steroid stack is normally used during the cutting phase although some also prefer to use it during the bulking season by increasing the normal dosages for the cycle. The stack again uses a testosterone—Sustanon or Cypionate—as the base steroid. The other two steroids in the cycle are Deca Durabolin and Dinabol. The latter is used as what is known as a ‘front load’ and if you are using the cycle during the cutting phase, you may skip it. Anyway, Dianabol is continued for the first six weeks of the total 12-week period of the cycle. The dosages for the cycle are as follows: Sustanon- 500 mg/week for 12 weeks; Durabolin- 400 mg/week for 12 weeks; and Dianabol- 40mg/day for first 6 weeks. Just as in the former, the three-week post cycle therapy starts only after a three-week break at the end of the cycle … best steroid stack sale.

Solo cycles can also be very effective both during bulking and cutting season. For example, a 12-week strong testosterone solo cycle with a dosage of 500mg/week is an ideal cycle for the beginners. However, advanced users are also known to use such solo cycles albeit with a higher dosage per week (about 700mg-1000mg). On the other hand, one can use a Supportive Solo best cutting stack during the cutting phase. In this case, the base testosterone is used in a lower dosage (typically 350mg/week) and an inhibitor (such as Anastrozole) is added to the cycle—taken at a dose of 0.5mg on alternate days—to counteract water retention issues.